Collection: Elisa Cavaletti

Elisa Cavaletti Italia 

"A complete and emotional clothing line, designed by Daniela Dallavalle, that celebrates the Italian sartorial tradition and is able to move hearts at the same time: that’s why there’s a new story to be discovered every season.

Not simply a fashion proposition, but a real rediscover of the deepest beauty and Italian femininity sense, that dances to the contemporary life rhythms."


In Collaboration with Daniela Dallavalle 
Daniela Dallavalle is a creative soul.

A refined and eclectic Italian designer, stylist of beauty and multifaceted artist who looks for the purest soul of materials in her creations and reveals her own passion for life, essence of her art. She loves breaking conventions and free the authenticity of creation, in order to dress people, environments and moments, by emphasizing less visible details.